Trooper/ Milly Puppy Updates


Whelped: 03/08/2009


Sire: Sire: HR, U-CDX, Brassfire Give Us A Chance VCD1, RN, CDX, TDX, OA, SH, WCX 

(see for pedigree and health clearances)


Dam:LesmarksOh My Milly JH CGC



"She is a very pretty dog........ Dan is going to try and hunt with her this winter, and yes, she is well in fact that it is taking me twice as long to pack, since she thinks she needs to bring me back everything I put in boxes. It was cute the first box or so.......She is sweet, kind, and loyal, and just when I think I'm at my wits ends with her, she does something incredibly sweet to suck me back in (I think she knows how to work me.) Her and my dog Kielegh are like frick and frack, and cannot go anywhere without eachother. They have a great bond and are best of friends......we love her very much.

Hope this found you well,

Leesa Nieland


Reba's been out once. She did pretty well. She flushed a hen and retrieved one downed bird. She's getting it figured out. I have a pic of us in the field I'll send when I have time. Happy Holidays!


Hi!  This is Leesa, Dans wife and i just wanted to shoot you a message and tell you how wonderful Reba is, how much we love her.  We took some pictures of her doing what she loves best and will get them to you soon for your web site.
Dan has been working her and his new german hair Lil Joe every day, and is in the process of building a call back cage for quail to turn our 50 acre property into a dog training oaisis.

 Reba 12-10-2009




 Molly- With her new family in Manhattan Kansas.

This is Molly after we took her for a walk.  She was very tired.  She seems to like laps.  Molly does not go into her crate by herself and would rather sleep on the floor given the chance, but she only whines for a couple of minutes before settling down.  If she barks in the night it is because she needs to go out.  The Vet was impressed with her and has us on a regular return schedule and gave us a heart worm pill for 5/1.  Thanks for your help, more later.
Molly is doing great! She just completed her Super Puppy class and passed. She is able to follow the commands- sit,down, and come. She was also able to pass the test to walk 15 feet on a loose leash..... The Manhanttan Kennel Club is going to let her take an Agility class so that we can keep going on her training....We have been taking her on short fieldtrips around town. She has been to several ballgames and Petco to name a few.....

Molly is doing well.  She is now 61 pounds, but she still thinks she is a little pup.  Her favorite past times are; trying to sit in ours laps, taking long walks, sunning herself in her favorite chair and playing fetch.

Thanks again, more later.
  March 2010
Things are going well, he got a clean bill of health from the vet. He does not have a name yet. The first night in the crate he cried for about ten minutes and went to sleep, by the third night he whined just a little bit and went to sleep. We have had just a few 'accidents' in house breaking, he even went to the door this morning and when I took him out he immediately went potty.
I'll keep you posted!
Steve Eichelberger

'Ozzy' is doing great. I don't have any real good recent pictures but here are some OK pics. Ozzy is more on the dominant side and is FULL of energy and mischief right now. House breaking went well, he is quite reliable now. Crate training went smooth, he willingly goes into his crate when we go out. Ozzy comes to races with us every Saturday night and is quite popular with the kids, that has been great for his socialization, he was around lots of people as well as other dogs right from the start. We are on the lookout for local obedience training classes, it seems it is popular to offer them in the fall / winter here, which will be good because racing season should be over then and I will have more time to dedicate to training.

Steve Eichelberger

We are doing well, Nellie was the perfect fit for me. she has had shots and has 3rd round shots schedule in a week or so. Has had check ups and is good to go. Dr. Vega loves her

Be well
Nellie 06-2010
I get a wonderful wake up each morning at 5am when my alarm goes off, Nellie greets me at the side of my bed before my feet hit the floor. She smiles so much I think her face is going to get stuck that way!!! !

Eric and my best friend Nellie


All is well in puppy land. Sophie and Charlie seem to play nonstop. She went in to vet on friday for next set of booster shot. Gaining weight and is all legs. One of Diana's friends took some pictures about a week ago and would be happy to to send on. Hope all is well with the rest of the bunch.
Sophie is doing great. We had her in for a check up and she weighs 56.2lbs and the vet she she looks great and has perfect body comfirmation. She is doing pretty well on retreiving.


 Zachar is doing well. He went swimming on Sunday. Took two quick dips and the Alaska water got to him, but he swam like a champ. He's handling everything really well, a real laid back pup most of the time, all though he picks up everything that is not nailed down. He did some good hand retrieves this evening and we're starting him on obedience work too. I have a pic with his favorite toy and his first swim.



I believe Zachar has entered his terrible two's....or he's a teenager...not sure how that works in dog years, but he's a wrecking machine. Despite his wave of destruction he listens well and is loved by all. He's going in for another set of shots tomorrow. His training is going well he gets more drive by the day and he's doing swimming retrieves. Last week he went on a long hike up a creek and did very well over tough terrain(he did sleep for about 12 hours after, lol). All's well.

 Zachar   (09-01-10)

he's a beautiful dog, he gets lots of compliments, and the coffee shop ladies are all on first name basis with him. He's got his own personal attitude going, he really hates being in trouble...

He's living the good life right now, I was just butchering a Dall Sheep actually and he got one of the leg bones and he's getting scraps with dinner. Dog Christmas, August in Alaska. He loves driving in cars and my gf and I have a cabin in Talkeetna where we take our four dogs(she has a golden, golden/husky, and a Pekingese) almost every weekend. Its off the beaten track so they get to party.

We'll be doing some grouse hunting if the bloody rain ever lets up...all summer with the rain.


 Zachar 11-10-2010

 I wasn't able to go duck hunting  this fall before I had to leave to guide but I did take him out for ruffed grouse and I got one bird which he retrieved on command and with a great deal of energy.



Zachar is doing very well, I had to do three weeks of field work and couldn't take him so he got to party at a friends where he was spoiled rotten. Now he has to go back and do training, but he rather likes it I suspect. I did get another grouse with him in the late season, I wounded it and he trailed it up and found it under a log, I was pretty pumped just because its the type of bird you always lose if you don't have a dog and he did a great job of sticking with it even if he has limited training for that type of thing. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that one.

08-2011 Zachar on a "Sheep" hunt!


 Pam, Sawyer is funny as he such an instigator and seems to challenge Reece every chance he gets. He definately wants to play with Reece and Reece with him. Sawyer has learned to go in and out the doggie door and he and Reece have both slept together in the "doggie apartment" to take a nap. They are adorable and seem to mimick eachother in their positions and in what they do. He has bonded with all of us and is not the least bit insecure. He knows how to sit. We told Reece to sit and he did it right away! I was amazed! You must have taught him that right? In the morning when he wakes up he licks my face when I lean down to the floor he just wants to be hugged and hugged and hugged some more. We watched him respond to various noises- like those of construction, verses those of thunder. He looks to see if Reece is concerned. If she isn't he goes on doing whatever he was doing before hearing the noise.  Anyway, you can rest assured that he is transitioning really well and is a happy puppy. Thank you so much for working with us so we could have him. You are an awesome breeder! We'll stay in touch and send pictures.

Karen (06-09-09)

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