Listed below are the prices for each pose and size of portrait.

You may place your order currently by emailing me at



Portrait Sizes

Small:  8"x10"

Medium: 11"x14"

Large: 16"x20"

Extra Large: 18x24"


After placing your order, please either send by mail, or attach by email,

a minimum of 2 quality photographs of your pet.

Photo Tips

  • A photo taken from eye level will give the best results. So try kneeling down when photographing them.
  •  Make sure that the photo is clear, and has sharp focus. This will produce more detail.
  • Try to have your pet face the sun or have them sitting so the sun hits them from a 3/4 angle. This will avoid too much shadow on their face.


Portrait Prices

8"x10" 1 Pet,  head and shoulders       $150.00

11"x14" 1 Pet,  head and shoulders      $250.00

11"x14" Pet with favorite object          $300.00

16"x20" 1 Pet,  head and shoulders     $350.00

16"x20" Pet with favorite object         $400.00

16"x20" 2 Pets, head and shoulders     $500.00

18"x24" 2 Pets, head and shoulders      $650.00

18"x24" full body                                 $600.00

18"x24" full body in chosen setting     $700.00

18"x24" 3 Pets, heads and shoulders    $800.00

18"x24" 2 Pets, full body in chosen setting   $850.00

Other ideas upon request:

(Email for details)


A deposit of 50% is required before starting your commission. Once your commission is completed you will be emailed a scan of the finished portrait. When it has been approved, your pet portrait will be shipped to you after full payment and shipping has been paid. Cost of Matting and Framing are not included.

Pam's Pet Portraits reserves the rights to use any and all copies for display purposes.