Performance NEWS!

Fun weekend with Tazzie (Macey/Blitz) earned our Rally Advanced title and 2 legs toward her Beginner Novice in Obedience.

Rally Run :

Obedience Run

Huckleberry (Macey/Blitz) earned his first agility title in Standard today! He ripped through the course in 27 sec. 😁

November 10th. 2019  Huckleberry (Macey/Blitz) got blue ribbons in agility this weekend. These dogs can do it all

Cooper qualified for nationals in this run. He also earned his MX and MXJ titles this weekend.

October 2019  Rayne turned 6 months on Friday so she became eligible to compete in dock diving. So in her first competition, she titled in the junior division and also 1 jump into Senior. Her personal best at 15ft 3in! And she qualified for nationals in Orlando. Not bad for a 6 mo old!! GO RAYNE!!!!

10/6/19 Macey (Milly/Ace) and Faith (Macey/Blitz) both earned their HRCH Hunting Retriever Champion titles!

9/29/19 Faith (Macey/Blitz) earned her first 2 legs of her HRC Finished title 

9/15/19 Faith earned her Senior Hunter title!

Faith (Macey/Blitz)  Picked up her HR Seasoned Title during our club's spring Hunt Test May 18-19th

May 12th. 2019 Summit (Macey/ Blitz)  finishing his Open JWW title and also picking up another Ex Std leg!

May 8th, 2019 Miley had a good weekend at the obedience trial. Had a 1st in Grad. Open with a 196.5 on Saturday and a 191.5 in Open B on Sunday.

April 28th, 2019 Summit was a rock star this weekend. He finished his Novice Jumpers and Novice FAST titles and earned his first Open Jumpers leg!! 

April 14th Super duper Cooper had a nice weekend in Berryville, Arkansas. He finished his excellent standard title and also earned his first MACH points. He also got 1st in three premier runs. Plus we had a ton of fun.

April 7th, 2019  Summit earned his Open Standard title today!! 

March 30th, 2019 Cooper (Macey/ Blitz)  finished his excellent jumpers title today

March 10. 2019

Summit (Macey/Blitz)

Summit's agility weekend.

 Finished his novice standard title and earned his first open leg!!

Feb. 28th, 2019

Miley (Macey/Blitz)

Miley got her first leg in Graduate Open with a 1st place and had a 4th place in Open B on Saturday.

Feb. 17th, 2019

Lovie (Macey/Hoagan)

Earned her 1st Qualifying score for Novice!!

Jan. 25-26th, 2019

Cooper (Macey/Blitz)

He finished his novice fast title and his open standard title on Saturday with first places in both runs.

Then Got 1st place in Excellent Standard!!

12/15/2018 Congratulations to Tazzie (Macey/Blitz) #1 Golden Retriever in the Nation with a jump of 26'1"!!

"Lots of fun during the Elite distance jumping at AKC/NADD Championships today. Super proud of Tazzie...she handled the stress, noise, and intensity pretty well; especially for 2 years old and her first national event.

You only get 1 chance at Nationals (the best of 2 jumps). Tazzie jumped 25' 11"...very close to her 26' 1" average."


Annie (Macey/Blitz) Junior pass

Summit (Macey/Blitz)- SH title
Macey (Milly/Ace)- MH title
Tiger (Milly/Ace)- MH pass #11

10/1/2018  Cooper (Macey/Blitz) @ The Golden Retriever National Specialty

06/24/2018- Faith (Macey/Blitz)  had a fun day up in Unadilla Nebraska, picking up that final leg for her JH title.

For 2018 so far, 2 Grindstone goldens (from the Blitz/Macey litter) in the top 10, for Goldens in the country, for dock diving distances.

Tazzie and Cooper!!! So awesome!!!
20 months old!


Miley (Macey/Blitz)

CDX title


Tide (Milly/Ace) 1st JH pass


Tazzie (Macey/Blitz) earned her Rally Novice title

Summit did it!! His first 2 senior legs!! Quite a handsome dude

06/10/2018- Josi got her 3rd leg for UD with a nice 196!!

06/10/2018- Josi (Milly/Ace) receives the Dick Mansell award for Highest Scoring non OTCH dog in regular classes!!

05/26/2018- Austin and Lovie (Macey/Hoagan)

entered just one day of our kennel club’s annual agility show to “just see where we’re at.” Turns out, she was ready and this dog likes agility! (Also, Austin is a great handler) In her very first competitive runs, Lovie earned a QQ with a first place finish in Novice Standard and a second place finish in Novice Jumpers.

05/20/2018- Cooper (Macey/Blitz)earned his 1st agility title today, ACT2, which stands for agility course test. It is the new precursor title to Novice in AKC .

Lovie finished her Beginner Novice title today! Looking forward to finding our next show to start Novice!

· April 17

Tazzie jumped in her 3rd ever dock diving competition last weekend in Sacramento, CA. She was a speed demon and jumped like a girl...making Blitz, Macey and the Grindstone gang proud! She earned 4 jumps toward an Elite title (24"+). Her longest was 24' 9" She also earned an invite to the 2018 NADD/AKC Eukanuba National Championships in Florida this December. Hopefully Tazzie and Super Duper Cooper will get to meet in FL! This girl LOVES to run and jump, and we have a gas with her daily

03/31/2018- Ringo (Macey/Blitz) got her first Senior Hunt Test pass today.

Cooper (Macey/Blitz)qualified for eukanuba 2018 NADD Nationals this Fall! Great job!


Tazzie participated in her second barn hunt trial this past weekend. She earned her barn hunt open title (RATO). Next up...competing in the Senior division! She has a lot of fun and i love working with her!

02/11/2018- Lovie (Hoagan/Macey) they earned another leg towards her Beginner Novice Title today!


We had a great weekend at our club's trial. Miley earned her CD in 3 tries with scores of 195 and two 193.5 - two 1sts and a 2nd place. And Josi earned her first leg in Utility A too! Very proud of these girls!!

12/10/2017- Miley (Macey/Blitz)

club's annual awards party on Friday night Miley was awarded the perpetual trophy for High Scoring Dog for our club, taking it from Josi who has won it the last 3 years. SO proud of these girls!! Miley was only 2 weeks past her first birthday when she earned this.

12/09/2017- Ringo (Macey/Blitz) Junior Hunter title


Grindstone's Liivin On A Prayer WC 


earned her WC @ the KCGRC WC/WCX test 


Grindstone's We Weren't Born To Follow CGC DM RATN

"Tazzie" earned her Novice Barn Hunt title!


Grindstone's Shake Um Up Its My Life

"Miley" earned her Beginner Novice title- 1st place with a 198.5 and her 1st Novice B leg- 1st place with a 195!


Grindstone's Shakem Up Riverdance BN CDX RA TD GN

"Josi" earned her Graduate Novice title 


Grindstone's Shake Um Uo Its My Life RN


picks up her 2nd leg towards her Beginner Novice title


Grindstone's Shake Um Up Its My Life RN

"Miley" earned her Rally Novice title


Grindstone's Wanted Dead Or Alive


earned 2 more Junior Hunter passes towards her title!


Grindstone's I Gotta Get Out Of Here

"Cooper" took 2nd place in his division at the World Championship Dock Diving Competition in TN. with his best jump at 21'11"! 


Grindstone's Amazing Grace

"Macey" earned her 3rd Master pass! She is 3/3 so far!! 

Grindstone's Living On A Prayer 

"Faith" picked up her 3rd Junior pass!


Grindstone's Life Is Beautiful WC

"Huckleberry" earned his WC


Grindstone's We Weren't Born To Follow CGC DM RATN

"Tazzie" earned her Master Dock Diving Title


Grindstone's Slippery When Wet Of Windy Ridge CGC TKI

"Finn" earned her AKC Intermediate Trick Dog title


HRCH Grindstones Gerti Oh The Go GN CD SH WCX

"Gerti" got her last HRC Finished pass and that earned her her Hunting Retriever Champion Title!!! Super proud of this girl! 


Grindstone"s I Gotta Get Out Of Here


Senior Dock Diving Title with his best jump at 21'7"!


Grindstone's We Weren't Born To Follow CGC DM RATN

"Tazzie" took home two HIT's in her first NASDA Trailing and Located Trial.


HR Grindstone's Amazing Grace BN CD SH WCX

"Macey" earned her 2nd Master pass

Grindstone's Livin On A Prayer

"Faith" earned two Junior passes


Grindstone's Livin On A Prayer

"Faith"earned 2 HRC Started passes


HR Grindstones Gerti On The Go GN CD SH WCX

"Gerti" earned a pass towards her Finished title


HR Grindstone's Amazing Grace BN CD SH WCX

"Macey" earned her 1st two HRC Finished Passes


Grindstone's Salt Creek Tiger Boy MH

"Tiger" picked up another Master pass!


HR Grindstone's Amazing Grace BN CD SH WCX

"Macey" earned her 1st Master pass!!


Grindstone's King Of The Mountain JH WC

"Summit" earned his WC!


Grindstone's Stick To Your Guns

"Annie" earned her HRC Started title!


Grindstone's Wanted Dead Or Alive

"Ringo earned a Junior pass!


Grindstone's King Of The Mountain JH

"Summit" earned his Junior Hunter title!

June 10th, 2017-

Congratulations to Carol Young and Summit (Macey/Blitz)- for picking up his 1st Junior Hunter pass this past weekend!

June 11th, 2017- Tiger earns his 6th Master pass!

June 4th, 2017

Congratulations to Elbert Traylor and Chris Lehmann

Tiger earned his MH today!

May 17th

Congratulations to Terri and Miley! (Macey/Blitz)

Miley passed her CGC and TKN tests 

Sept. 22, 2016
Congratulations to Elbert and Chris Lehmann! Tiger Boy picked up another MH pass last weekend with his trainer and Buddy, Greg Nelson!

August 21,2016:

Congratulation to  Grindstones Shakem up Riverdance GN CDX RA TD!   Josi had a very nice 195.5 for a 1st place in Open!

June 7, 2016:
Congratulations to Grindstones Shakem up Riverdance GN CDX RA TD for earning her Graduate Novice Title and an Open Leg!

From Terri:
"Josi had a great day at our club's trial on Saturday. She had a 195.5 in Open B and a 197.5 in Grad Novice. Earned Grad Novice title and High in Trial!!! Love this girl!!"

May 23, 2016

Congratulations to HR Grindstone's Gerti On The Go GN CD SH WCX 

Gerti and her first two legs on her HRC Finished title!
We had a great weekend at the Kansas City Hunting Retriever Club 10th Anniversary Hunt Test! 
So proud of all the effort she gave me. The judges set up some nice, but challenging tests. She stepped on all her birds and worked so well with me on the blinds. I couldn't be happier with her performance! She has come such a long way in a short amount of time!

May 16, 2016

Congratulations to  Grindstone Rocket City Golden Oak JH

for earning his AKC Junior Hunter title!

May 15, 2016

Congratulations to  HR Grindstone's Gerti On The Go GN CD SH WCX 

Great day at the GRC-GSL HUNT TEST in St. Louis today. Gerti picked up her last pass and earned her Senior Hunter title! So proud of her! She was perfect in every way! Impressed the judges so much they were hugging me! They got super excited when I announced it was for her title. Great test and wonderful judges! Mary Gregg and Lou Riemenschneider!

February 22,2016

Congratulations to Grindstone Golden Boy Jax he picked up two legs of his towards his Novice Barn Hunt title!

Nov. 13th, 2015  Grindstone Rocket City Golden Oak
Oakley got first 2 legs of his junior title last weekend. He did great and looked like he had been doing it for a long time.

October 17, 2015- HR Grindstone's Amazing Grace BN CD SH WC completed her Senior Hunter title at the Boothill test. She went 5/5 on passes! HR Grindstone Gerti On The Go picked up her 3rd pass towards her SH this weekend as well! Very proud of these girls!


HR Grindstone Gerti On The Go GN CD JH WCX 

Gerti earned her 2nd Senior Hunter pass at the Sedalia MO. Hunt test! 

Grindstone's Amazing Grace, "Macey"

Earned her HR (Seasoned) Title last weekend in Iowa! 08-29-2015

July 2,2015

A big thank you to the Salt Valley HRC Club for hosting such a great test this past weekend. Both girls picked up two more passes, earning Gerti her HR Title and Macey just needs one more leg! Thank you again to Lyle Steinman and Joe Wilt @ Castile Creek Kennels for all their support and coaching!

June 2, 2015

Had two great weekends with my girls at the KCHRC test and the Mid Iowa Hunt test! Gerti picked up her first 2 Seasoned passes and her first SH pass. Macey picked up her First Seasoned pass and 2more legs towards her SH. And my sweet 11 1/2 year old, Milly finished her Sarted Title! A BIG Thank you to Lyle Steinman for graciously allowing me to come out and train on his wonderful grounds @ Castile Creek, and Joe Wilt, for willingly sacrificing his time to coach me.

May 27,2015
Oakley (Mr. Green) (Hoagan/Macey) graduated puppy class with honors. I could not get him to wear the cap and gown but he did get a new tug toy. Next is the manners 101 class
April 21, 2015
Lovie (Miss White) (Hoagan/Macey) graduated from Super Puppy class tonight. She earned a three-way tie for obstacle-course champion and was awarded a GIANT dog biscuit. On to the next class!

March 28, 2015

Congratulations to Chris Lehmann and Grindstone's Salt Creek Tiger Boy SH
He got 2nd place with a 194 and finished his BN title this weekend! Way to go Chris and Tiger!

Nov. 28th, 2014

Tiger earned his 2nd leg towards his Beginner Novice title this weekend! Good boy Tiger!

Sept. 28th, 2014

Macey earned her 1st Senior Hunter pass this weekend at Skunk River Hunt test in Iowa!

Sept. 28th, 2014

Grindstone's Salt Creek Tiger Boy SH

Congratulations to Elbert and Tiger for earning their 1st Master Hunter pass at the Skunk River Hunt test in Iowa this weekend!

August 23, 2014

Grindstone's Amazing Grace JH WC CD

Macey Titled today! New CD! Not her highest score, 191.5, but she did good! Very happy! We are entered again tomorrow so we will be able to just have fun and work on attention

July 14,2014

Gindstones Shakem up Riverdance, Josi earned her CDX title yesterday with a 194 for 1st place.

May 18th, 2014

Another great day! Both girls qualified! Gerti got her Grad Novice title and Macey picked up her 2nd Novice leg with a 195.5! Hopefully get her title in a couple of weeks! We had fun.

May 17th, 2014

Both girls got qualifying scores today! Grindstone's Amazing Grace BN JH WC , Macey, got a 190 and 3rd place in Novice B and Grindstone Gerti On The Go CD JH WCX, Gerti, got 1st place in Grad Novice.


April 27, 2014

Congratulations to Grindstone Salt Creek Tiger Boy SH and his owners Elbert and Chris on 

Tiger's new Senior Hunter title!!

March 11, 2014

Congratulations to Terri and Josi, Grindstones Shakem Up Riverdance, for receiving

 Hi Scoring Golden Retriever at the Everglades Golden Retriever Regional Specialty!!!!

Josi gets a professional photo shoot and will appear in the GRC NEWS! So exciting!

January 25, 2014

Gindstones Shakem up Riverdance, Josi, earned her 1st leg in Open A. Terri and Josi make a great team!

January 11, 2014

Gindstones Shakem up Riverdance, Josi, had the high score in obedience for their club this year! Way to go Josi and Terri!


11-17-13 Grindstone Gerti On The Go CD JH earned her WCX at the KCGRC test.

11-17-13 Grindstone's Amazing Grace BN JH earned her WC at the Kansas City Golden Retriever Club WC/WCX test.


Gindstones Shakem up Riverdance, Josi, I'm so proud of Josi for passing her TD test today!! She did an awesome job!! 445 yards in 6 minutes!! What a great little girl!


10-12-13 Grindstone Gerti On The Go earned her CD and Grindstone's Amazing Grace earned her BN.


Josi at the State Team Obedience Competition on Labor Day!



09-29-13 Grindstone's Salt Creek Tiger Boy Received his second leg on his SH this weekend! Tiger is on a roll!


8-18-13  Grindstone's Salt Creek Tiger Boy received his first leg on his SH this weekend! Way to go Tiger.


5-26-13 Two great days at the KCGRC Obedience Trial this weekend. It was our first trial and I entered both days. Gerti received a 2nd and a 1st place in Novice with scores of 188 and 194. Macey received two 1st places in Beginning Novice with scores of 193.5 and 191.


5-25-13 Gindstones Shakem up Riverdance, Josi,  had a 1st place today in novice B with a 195. Just missed Hi in Trial by 1/2 point . . .. Her little sister, Jenni (Toller) got her 1st leg in Grad. Open with a 187.5


1-26-13 Terri and Josi earned her CD and RN! She recieved 1st place in Novice B with a 196! They are such a great team!

12-14-12 Gindstones Shakem up Riverdance, Josi, earned her first title last weekend, Beginner Novice, in Miami with a 1st place and score of 198!


09-30-12 Grindstone's Amazing Grace received her JH title in Iowa this weekend.


8-19-12 Grindstone Salt Creek Tiger Boy received his JH title this weekend in Nebraska. Way to go Tiger!

8-18-12   Josi had a great day at the trial today! She had a 197.5 for 2nd place in Beg. Nov.,
a 194.5 in Novice B for 3rd place, and a 99 in Rally Novice for 2nd place. Just one more leg in each for 3 titles.

8-11-12 Both Macey and Tiger received a JH leg at Lincoln NE this weekend! Way to go!

"Grindstone Cooper" (5th from the right) reieved his first obedience title in Austria! 6-9-12

"Grindstone Salt Creek Tiger Boy" received his 1st JH leg in Valley NE! 6-9-12

"Grindstone's Amazing Grace" received her 1st JH leg in Valley NE! 6-9-12

"Josi" took a 2nd place in Beg. Nov. with a 196 and a 2nd place in Rally Nov. with a 98 at her first trial! 5-26-12


"Grindstone Gerti On The Go" 3-2012 Earned her CGC this month! 

"Grindstone Salt Creek Tiger Boy"03-2012 Received?rd place in the Puppy Stakes at Missouri Vally Hunt Club's Sanctioned Trial!



 "Grindstone's Amazing Grace"


Received a Reserved Jam in the Puppy Stakes at the Missouri Valley Hunt Club's Sanctioned Trial!



"Grindstone Gerti On The Go JN WC" (Trooper/Milly)


earned her Junior Hunter Title!


 "GreenMeadows I Fly Solo RN CGC" (CJ/ MILLY pup)


Solo earned his RN and passed the CGC in an AKC Obedience Trial in Great Falls, MT. Way to go Solo!


 "Billy Jo BGH1" (CJ/Milly pup)


 Billy got a BGH1 (Begleithunde 1), similar to a CD. (Companion Dog Obedience Title)

"SureFire Remington Lock and Load SH HR CD WCX" (CJ/ Milly pup)

August 2010:

Remmie just earned her CD in obedience! Great job Remmie! She also received her WCX title through the Golden Retriever Club!

October 2010:

Remmie earned her AKC Senior Hunter! Way to go Remmie!


Milly (left) earned her WCX along with her friends Charger, Boogie, and Remi   Gerti (2nd from right) earned her WC along with friends

                                                                                                                  Tippy 2nd on the left, and Isak- on right

                                              at the KCGRC WC/WCX event held Aug. 2010


Congratulations to Anita and Trooper for receiving his CCA this May!