Milly And CJ Litter

D.O.B. 02/21/2007

Dam: Lesmarks Oh My Milly RN JH


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"SureFire Remington Lock and Load SH HR CD WCX"

 Remmi Lives in Kansas with her owner Bev Weaver.  She is a professional dog trainer, handler, and breeder. Remi has joined the ranks with Bev's other competitive field and performance Golden Retrievers. 07-08 Remi just earned her AKC Junior Hunter title. Way to go Remi!



"Remmie has been running great. Has her Seasoned title now, did it in four trials! She is growing up and loves to work. The judges love her!



August 2010:

Remmie just earned her CD in obedience! Great job Remmie! She also received her WCX title through the Golden Retriever Club!

October 2010:

Remmie earned her AKC Senior Hunter! Way to go Remmie!



"GreenMeadows I Fly Solo" CGC RN

 09-02-08 Solo just earned his RN and passed the CGC in an AKC Obedience Trial in Great Falls, MT. Way to go Solo!

"I'm thrilled to add Solo to our family! I'm excited about both his very impressive pedigree, but even more by his loving disposition, happy uncomplicated work ethic, plus he is just so darn good looking! Very cute too!"

"We have a small kennel here and raise field and performance goldens. We hunt our dogs on pheasants, and it is a virtual bird hunting paradise here!"


"This is Solo's title picture from his first AKC obedience trial last weekend in Great Falls, MT! He earned a RN and a CGC. Remember, I got him off the plane on July 19! (I am standing in the back...). My good friend Deb Bouwkamp, also in the pic, has encouraged me to work Solo and get him ready for Rally. There were three days of the show with three judges, so he was able to get all legs in one weekend. He was just so good, so many people were really interested in him, and he is always smiling! Yes, he smiles! He was so funny at the motel. I also had two of my other dogs with me, and Deb had one of hers... so much work for two women! Anyway, Solo was so fascinated by the very handsome dog in the full length mirror, and kept trying to sneak up on him.... it was really cute. He was also very fascinated by the television. I wonder if he has ever seen one of those before. He really is a nice boy, and I am thrilled to have him. I spend hours a day with him, taking him for walks and just hanging out. He loves to swim in the big swimming hole we have at the creek on our property, just below the house. I think he loves just about anything, actually."

 Check out Jill's website:


"Scotlands Russet Duke"

Duke- lives in Flordia with his  family, Ryan and Stephanie, Keely, and their Lab, Louis.

08-29-08   "Duke is doing very well. We call him our 'bull in a china shop'.  I have trained Duke with some basic obedience and he took very well to it.  He is eager to please and listen with out the usual 'on my own time' dog stubbornness.   Duke is a wonderful retriever and enters the water jumping.  He is great with bumpers.  I think he could pass a junior hunt test I just need to get him to one.  I hope to try him out hunting water fowl this year .I will be in touch.



"Bailey of The Bay"

Bailey-lives in Michigan with her new family. Her owner Rich, has a great new hunting partner. Bailey at only 7 months old, was already going after double marks in the water, and has a promising future.



I have attached a few pictures of Bailey from last fall's hunting season. A strange (but welcomed) trait is that she rarely barks.  I know there is not a problem, because she will bark occasionally (like once a month) if the deer happen to be walking by the back of the house.  Have you heard of any of her litter mates with this same trait?  It is awesome, except I wouldn't recommend her for watch dog duty, unless you want the robber to be licked to death...ha ha. There are times when she totally amazes when she'll find a downed, but still alive, mallard deep in the march and muck  She has gotten the nickname from the other guys in the club as the "Cupcake".  Her name may be well deserved at times, but she's also the only dog they don't mind wondering around inside the hunting club because of how well behaved she is.  Overall she is fun to have in the marsh and helps entertain us with her antics.


Good Luck with the litter.  Take care.



"GreenMeadows My Girl Friday"

Mya- We live in Calgary Alberta but all of us are dual citizens (US and Canada) so we went hunting phesants in South Dakota. I was waiting to write this to send pictures of me with so many birds!!  Ross is 27, he is a pilot and a hunter and so took me out shooting clay to see how I reacted to gun shots. no problem. I listen well, go after birds with a keen nose, and all the family were very impressed to see such a smart and eager bird dog for only 7 months! (They are all hoping for pups in two years.) 12-07

I am attaching some photos of Mya on her hunt in South Dakota in the Fall. She is such a happy member of our family, and absolutely loves the deep snow on her many walks along the Elbow River near our home. I have purchased 24 acres retreat (log home, and log buildings) all old growth forest on an island shared with 200 acres of crown land. The island is on the Red Deer River and Mya loves the island. (It is 1.5 hours North and West of  Calgary.) 1-22-08



Merry Christmas, and thank you for the picture of Mya's mother. they look so much alike!! mya has many new photos of her fall, hunting in South Dakota like last year and here in Alberta . Mya is an exceptionally great hunter and everyone loves her. she is such a great companion too. she spends her 5 days with Ross when he is not flying (on for 10 and off for 5) and is with her grandma (me) while Ross is flying. We are very excited to plan for Mya's first litter when she has her next heat....I will forward pictures to you when i get some from Ross. Mya is an exceptional dog and we love her dearly. So many hunters in South Dakota were extra impressed with her retrieving skills so I expect all her little ones will have homes with hunters.



Thank you for your email. I am attaching a photo of Mya's graduation from 'Sit Happens' classes. Needless to say, she was a star! Ross and Lisa (they are getting married in October) and I took the class with Mya, and it was great fun. Mya's favourite thing is retrieving and she and Ross enjoy lots of hunting. Many of the phesants in Alberta are raised and so it is a totally different experience from South Dakota wilds. Ross will miss Mya hunting this fall in South Dakota as Mya is expecting puppies. A handsome golden with good hips and good lines and excellent hunting skills is her mate. Mya has good hips and elbows, heart and eye checks came out well so, Mya and Bert's pups will be a wonderful addition to the breed. Bert has British genes and a bit of a longer coat, but simular stature and dark red colouring like Mya.

Martha (07-26-09)



Cooper- lives in Kansas City Missouri with his new owners Brianna and Mike. He loves to go jogging with Mike, and keeps his family enertained with his comical personality.

07-17-08 "Cooper is doing great! Mike and I just moved into our new home North of the River. We have a huge fenced in yard and Cooper is loving it! This is the first time he has had a yard and he is taking full advantage of it ,  we are so happy to be in our new home. Cooper has so much personality, sometimes I think he is a person! He is very funny and sweet.Cooper attends "doggy day care" about twice  a week and he gets so excited to go, we like to think he is pretty popular there. Coming home to him is usually the best part of my day! We are so thankful for him.

Kind regards,


Hi Pam,

 Cooper is doing great! He is going to be a big brother soon, we are expecting our first baby in December and know that he will be so great with the baby. He is still so full of personality and makes us laugh all the time. He is very much the “baby” of the family and are excited to see how he reacts when the real baby comes along. He had some recent practice when our niece and nephew stayed with us and he loved it! He has settled into a nice little routine in our new home where he enjoys daily walks, napping during the day while I work from home, and watching the world go by in his backyard. We love him so much!

Hope all is well with you,

Brianna and Michael Bruening (08/09)

Hi Pam,

Things are going wonderful for us! We had a baby girl in December. Cooper has adjusted wonderfully to being a big brother. He is so good with Bridget and wants to be everywhere she is.(probably because that is where all the attention is.) We really couldn't ask for a better dog. He still goes to doggy daycare once a week to "socialize". I would really love to get a companion for him down the road. I hope everything is going great for you and your family and all the pups!  I enclosed some funny pictures!

Take care,

Brianna Bruening (4-27-10)

Cooper and Family! July 2011

1-14-13 Cooper is doing fabulous! Our baby Reese who is 1, lovess him and crawls all over him and he just lets her. He brings our family so much happiness. He is also my husband's saving grace in a house full of women:)




07-17-08  "Riley is 45 pounds, she is pretty quick and can jump over about anything in the garden.Over July 4th --she learned to jump out in the water and retrieve a floating orange toy on a rope and swim back to the ladder.  We'd give her a little pull up with the vest and she'd use her back legs to spring up onto the dock. Rudy has always been a little afraid of the water-so he is not joining her.  Both will ride the boat for a bit, but Rudy gets pretty hot since he is black.  Riley seems very happy here, as we are with her.  She is always fun to be around."

Take care--



"Billy Jo"


Billy Jo- lives with his new family, Bert and Caroline, in the beautiful country of Austria. He enjoys long hikes in the mountains, and works very hard in obedience and agility.

 08-04-08 Newest pictures of Billy. He's doing great. Great companion and very smart,getting ready to be shown in obedience in the fall.

02-09 Billy got a BGH1 (Begleithunde 1), similar to a CD. (Companion Dog Obedience Title)





Reecie- has a happy home in Lincoln Nebraska with John and Karen.

07-17-08 "Greetings, Reece is a perfectly healthy and happy puppy.  She is a diminutive and petite female that has a double measure of curiosity and intelligence for her small frame.  We think that she actually understands English."

 12-10-08 We couldn't love Reecie more. She is so smart. One day my daughter said to me, "We should get Reecie a new toy." Reecie stood up and put her ears on high alert, turned her head and began the search. She is hilarious. So well of course, we 'found' her a new toy at that point. John has been having lots of fun with her out in the field. He had eye surgery this fall so isn't hunting this season but is taking her out 'pretending' to hunt.




Lucky lives with his new owner Kevin and family in Overland Park Kansas.




Kinnick- lived with his owner, Mary, in Iowa. He was known as "Baby K" to his family. He was a dearly loved companion.

In Memory of the sire of this litter, "CJ" (Jan 22, 1997 - Sept. 8, 2010), please click on the link to see his memorial page. Or go to the "Over the Rainbow" page.