We are dedicated to the multi-purpose golden retriever that  retains the breed's original abilities as a hunting companion.


Although we focus on breeding Goldens who can work in the field, the result are dogs that can also excel in obedience, agility, tracking, therapy, search and rescue, service work,  and more.

We are Breeding for health, longevity, temperament, and natural working ability.


We focus our efforts on competing with our dogs. We run our dogs in hunt tests, working certificate tests, and obedience, and beginning to play in agility.

We then look for sires that complement our dams by building on their strengths and correcting their weaknesses.

Our Dogs:

Our dogs carry a drip dry, manageable field coat and range in color from light gold, gold,  and dark gold.

They are moderate high energy dogs that can work with enthusiasm all day in the field but can settle nice in the house.

We produce Golden Retrievers that are intelligent, biddable, athletic, and demonstrate a great work ethic.

They demonstrate the Temperament standard for the breed. getting along with other dogs and the family’s children.

Our dogs fit well into active homes where they will have serious jobs and regular training and exercise. We seek hunting or competition performance homes for the vast majority of our puppies. A few will go to active pet homes.

Our puppy price represents not only the quality of the sire and dam, but the effort we put into researching pedigree combinations, the cost of thorough  health testing that we do on all of our dogs, and the cost of raising our puppies and carefully matching each puppy with each buyer.


 We try hard to reduce the risk of genetic defects but it is NOT possible to avoid all genetic problems in a breeding program.

All puppies are sold on a Limited Registration.