Ace/Milly Litter


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 Whelped May 28th, 2011

5 females and 6 males

Range in color from light gold, golden, and dark gold

8 Weeks Old

Puppies are all heading to their new homes!


7 Weeks OLd


                                                        Blue Boy                                                                                                  Green Boy


                                     Orange Boy                                                                                                         Pink Boy


                                          Purple Boy                                                                                                                    Yellow Boy    

                                              Blue Girl                                                                                                       Green Girl          


                                                  Orange Girl                                                                                                                 Pink Girl

                             Yellow Girl




We all love those birds!!!  

                                                                 Green Girl                                                                           Orange Girl


                                                  Blue Girl                                                                                                Pink Boy


                                                 Yellow Girl





6 Weeks Old



                                                  Green Girl                                                                                                  Orange Girl


                                            Pink Girl                                                                                                      Blue Girl

                                       Yellow Girl                                                                               Green Boy  (Purple boy in back)


                                               Green Boy                                                                                                          Pink Boy



                                               Purple Boy                                                                                                    Yellow Boy


                               Blue Boy                                                                                              Orange Boy



5 Weeks Old

Introducing the Crate. Making it much easier to crate train when they go to their new homes. They associate it with a safe and comfortable place to sleep and helps give them security when transitioning to a new home, as well as making housebreaking go alot smoother and quicker!


Introducing Tunnels.   Large pieces of PVC piping gives the pups a chance to explore , problem solve, and helps build confidence in new environments with different obstacles. Next week they will be introduced to more agility equipment; an agility puppy tunnel, puppy teetertoter, and climbing obstacles.

Nail Trimming: Each pup has had their nails trimmed since 2 weeks old. They are trimmed weekly. If you get the puppy used to the procedure early on it probably will not take too long for it to adjust to the whole nail trimming routine. Handling your puppy’s feet everyday will also get the puppy used to touch as well as helping to prepare it for future training, grooming and veterinary sessions.

Video: 7-6-11

Exploring the Teeter Totter for the first time!



4 Weeks Old 



                       Blue Boy                                                            Green Boy                                                                 Purple Boy

                                   Orange Boy                                                                       Pink Boy                                        Yellow Boy

                                 Blue Girl                                                               Green Girl                                                           Orange Girl


                                          Pink Girl                                                                Yellow Girl



                                                                                                     Video- 4 Weeks Old






3 Weeks Old


                                           Mom washed our faces!                       



            Theo and Orange Male Pup                                                                                   Play Time!

2 Weeks Old

"We are starting to get our personalities now!"

"Just found our voices, so we love to growl and bark!"

                                "We Still Like to nap alot"                                               "We"ve got our eyes open now!"


                                                           "We can Roll"                                                               We Can Sit Up."


                                               "We Scratch."                                                 "We Hug and We Bite eachother!"


                                                           "We Smile!"                                            "....and, sometimes show a little Attitude!"


  1Week Old



3 Days Old 

                                      " The Girls"                                                                             "The Boys"



 1 Day Old