ABOUT THE ARTIST                           


Pam lives with her family near the Kansas City area. She

 has been a highschool art and photography teacher for 18 years. Along with

 teaching, taking care of her family and spending time at all her boys sporting events,

 she began doing pet portraits and has enjoyed it thouroughly! Her first portrait was

 of a dog named Muttley, and it was commissioned to be published in a children's

 book. Since then she has focused on family pet portraits.  Pam also enjoys raising

Golden Retrievers. She works with her Golden's in hunt tests, obedience, and agility.

Her dogs are a special part of her family.

What she enjoys the most as an artist, is the ability to take a valued family

member, and create a lasting memory, by capturing what makes that pet special in

every detail of the portrait. She especially loves the realism and detail that are

possible when working with pastels.